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Does dynamic ultrasound help surgeons assess postoperative rotator cuff healing better than other imaging modalities?

Dynamic ultrasound is the best imaging modality to assess postoperative rotator cuff integrity and function for many clinical reasons. All patients can have an ultrasound study. Unlike with a CT scan, patients get no radiation exposure from ultrasound. There is no magnetic field necessary to create the image, so patients with implanted devices that may disqualify them from MRI scans can still undergo ultrasound examination. There are no known adverse events from having an ultrasound. Ultrasound imaging of the postoperative rotator cuff is unaffected by implants placed in the bone, regardless of whether the implants are made of metal, polyether-ether-ketone (plastic), all-suture or another material.

Study: Bio-inductive collagen scaffold patch improves healing rates of large, massive rotator cuff repairs

SAN DIEGO — Use of a bio-inductive collagen scaffold patch may improve healing rates of large and massive rotator cuff repairs as new tendon formation was shown on ultrasound and MRI, according to data presented at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Annual Meeting.

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