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Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Acknowledgement of Patient Responsibility

You are currently scheduled for surgery with Dr. Stephen Thon and may be prescribed Durable Medical Equipment (DME) for use in your post-operative recovery. Equipment may include a brace, shoulder sling, and/or an ice compression device. It is recommended that you use the equipment as prescribed to maximize your overall recovery and rehabilitation. When we prescribe these devices, we believe that their use is necessary to ensure a successful outcome for your surgery.

Breg, inc. is the primary company that our office works with to provide equipment when deemed medically necessary by Dr. Thon. Other companies may also provide similar equipment which may be used. If you would like to use alternative equipment please check with Dr. Thon to see if it is suitable for your needs before your surgery.

Prior to your surgery, our office will submit your insurance and pertinent clinical information to the appropriate company so that they can verify your insurance benefits. If necessary, their staff may attempt to contact you prior to surgery to discuss your insurance coverage and the possibility of “out-of-pocket” expenses. Out-of-pocket expenses will depend on the terms of your individual insurance policy. Please contact your insurance company prior to your surgery to verify your Durable Medical Equipment (DME) benefits. If you are unclear as to what equipment may be prescribed for you following surgery, please contact us with any questions.

DME Leaving office

Durable Medical Equipment: At Denver Metro Orthopedics, PC it is our policy to provide high quality products to support the healing and rehabilitation of our patients. If you are being provided with a brace, splint, support, and/or other medical device that your physician has prescribed for your care, you will be billed through your insurance company for the product. If the bill is denied, or is not covered by your insurance company, you will be responsible for payment in full of this bill.

Return Policy: Medical devices are considered one time use and once the device leaves the healthcare professional’s office they are considered non-returnable. We are unable to re-use and used equipment. There are three exceptions to the rule. 1) If there is a specific manufacturer defect. 2) If the product was deemed unsuitable for the patient at the time it was provided. If there is a manufacturer’s defect, the product will be exchanged for the same or similar product. If the wrong product (type/size/etc…) was provided to you by one of our healthcare professionals, we would be happy to exchange the product once the issue has been evaluated in the office if needed.

Contact: If you have any question about DME in general or about our DME policies, please do not hesitate to contact our office .

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